Boiler Maintenance without a Plumber

If you have a boiler, make sure you know how to take proper care of it to ensure that you can get the best service out of it. Regular boiler maintenance (without needing the expertise of a plumber) will help to ensure that it keeps running smoothly without the constant need to keep repairing it. How long your unit will last and how effective it will be will depend on how well you take care of it. You can also avoid expensive boiler repairs by taking proper care of your system.

Get Information about the Boiler

When you buy the unit, it is accompanied by a user manual. This user manual is extremely important when you have to perform emergency boiler repair. Getting more information about the unit will help you to understand how to troubleshoot the unit if it has a problem. In case you have lost your user manual, be sure to get a replacement from the manufacturer. More often than not, you can download the user manual directly from the company’s website. Familiarizing yourself with the boiler will help you avoid serious problems that can lead to costly repairs.

Boiler Features

If you have a modern unit, then you can benefit from the modern features that are designed to boost efficiency. For instance, the automated pump anti-seize component is extremely helpful when it comes to maintaining your boiler. The unit revolves the pump automatically for a number of minutes in case the unit has been inactive for some time.

Frozen Pipes

If you experience very cold weather conditions in your area, the problem of frozen pipes is not uncommon, the boiler holds the condensed water, which is drained quickly to avoid freezing. Nonetheless, freezing may still occur, particularly if the pipe is located outside. If the freezing occurs, the unit switches itself off. Fortunately, there are few things you can do to deal with this problem and they include using insulating the eternal pipe and pouring hot water on the pipe to melt the contents.

If You Do Need a Plumber

Hopefully, these tips will keep you running smoothly and extend the life of your boiler. If you do run into any problems however, we recommend you take the time and do your research before hiring a plumber. A couple that we recommend in our own local area (they helped us put this article together) are WP Services. They operate throughout the north west of England and you can check out here: Plumber Chorley / Plumber St Helens.

Your boiler is a very important item in your home. Proper boiler maintenance (without a plumber) will help you to keep the unit working effectively and safely throughout the year.

Harvesting Rainwater at Home

Clean drinking water is one of the biggest challenges facing the modern world. One that few of you here likely have to worry about. That being said, lead in your drinking water at home is actually a growing concern – one that we’ll address in a future post.

One of the best ways to combat this is through harvesting your own rainwater at home. To learn how to do so safely and effectively, check out the videos below.